We truly take the time to┬ábond with our patients here at Midwest Natural Medicine and we are always striving to do our best to ensure the best care possible. With that said here are some kind words from some great people and their success stories…


All my life I’ve taken care of everyone else above my own needs, including my health. When my poor body couldn’t take any more neglect, I found Dr. Kristen. She is an answer to prayer and has given me my life back! I FINALLY have the answers to my health issues that my conventional doctors couldn’t find. I feel so alive for the first time in my life! I have energy, clarity in thinking and JOY!! And the weight loss I’ve experienced is an added bonus!!! Thank you Dr. Kristen for helping me choose life and living it to my fullest potential!!

With a grateful heart, Tamara L.


After my 3rd trip into the ER with food or a tablet lodged in my throat it was time to figure out what was REALLY going on! I wanted to get to the bottom of my issue and not take a pill to just “cover it up”.
I started seeing Dr. Kristen Haabala in December 2012 and my journey started. My 1st step was to get on a Gluten-Free First Line Therapy meal plan and take supplements to get my body back into shape.
I started feeling better after about 30 days. I attended several cooking classes that Dr. Haabala conducted to learn some simple, easy and healthy life style eating habits. In December 2012 I also
did a food allergy test. That was a HUGE turn around for me! Avoiding foods that irritated my throat and body. Staying away from my long list of foods that did not agree with my body at times was hard.
I prayed a lot and the Lord gave me the strength! Sticking to the diet plan that Dr. Haabala gave me, exercise, drink plenty of water and get relaxation/sleep I was on the road to feeling so much better.
Its been a long haul, but so worth it! I am not perfect and do have my “slip ups”. People say that healthy food is so expensive, I ask why is junk food so cheap?
Every day is a NEW DAY, make it your best and eat healthy!
Thank you Dr. Haabala for caring about my health and helping me feel great!

Lorrie B.

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