Commonly Treated Conditions

Conditions are specific to an individual and are likely a manifestation of an imbalance within the person. It is, therefore, difficult to create a list of conditions as our focus is to treat the person and not an illness. By merely treating the symptom(s) the body will not heal and lasting change cannot take place. Our goal is to encourage the body to function properly, by restoring communication and biochemical balance between all the systems of the body.


conditions commonly treated with natural medicine


With this in mind, naturopathic doctors can assist you in addressing any condition whether acute or chronic. Symptom relief can be provided as the cause of your illness is addressed. Below, you will find a partial list of conditions that patients often present with. For general questions regarding a condition, please feel free to email

Acne High Cholesterol
Allergies Hyperthyroidism
Asthma IBS
Autoimmune disease Indigestion
Behavioral challenges Insomnia
Celiac Disease Insulin Resistance
Chronic pain
Cold/Flu Menopausal symptoms
Constipation Men’s Health concerns
Depression Nutritional Deficiencies
Detoxification PCOS
Diabetes PMS
Diarrhea Preventative Care
Eczema Sinusitis
Fatigue Stress
Fibromyalgia Teen health and wellness
Food sensitivities Weight loss
Headaches/Migraines Wellness maintenance
 Heartburn Women’s health and wellness
 Heart disease
 High blood pressure
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