About Midwest Natural Medicine

Midwest Natural Medicine logo - alexandria minnestoaMidwest Natural Medicine is a clinic that strives to care for patients of all ages with any acute or chronic illness, as well as those just trying to reach a higher level of wellness. Our goal is to treat our patients with the most up to date, effective, least invasive and most natural options for their condition. Our practitioners are highly trained to seek out and treat the underlying cause of a disease rather than just treating symptoms. This means we do not simply treat a symptom, we continue to ask “Why?” until we have uncovered the true reason for your condition. Utilizing this philosophy creates a very personalized medical experience and optimizes your healing potential.

Midwest Natural Medicine strives to create a comforting environment, where each patient will be treated with the utmost respect and care, without exception. We make it a priority to listen to each and every concern. Because every patient is unique, the treatment plans for each patient will be tailored to their personal needs. Treatment options available in the Midwest Natural Medicine Clinic include but are not limited to; naturopathic counseling, lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, Nutrition, supplement therapy, hydrotherapy, frequency specific microccurent, and bodywork, as well as information on the current treatment options available in conventional medicine, with referral options if necessary. In addition to providing the most effective, least invasive treatment options with the least side effects, it is the clinic’s number one priority to provide adequate education to patients on all aspects of their health.

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