About Dr. Haabala – Midwest Natural Medicine

Dr Kristen Haabala ND at Midwest Natural MedicineDr. Kristen Haabala Wiener received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science from St. Cloud State University. During that time she also completed a Pharmacy internship.  Following graduation she continued to work as a Pharmacy Technician as well as a home health provider in the field of mental health.  Throughout that time, she became increasingly interested in natural and complementary treatment options for many of the health conditions she was working with.  She decided to pursue that interest and went on to medical school in Portland, OR, where she received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine.  During the last 2 years of medical schooling Kristen completed multiple internship rotations at several different clinics in the Portland area, with a particular interest in her two year work at “Outside-In” where she provided healthcare to homeless youth and underserved populations of the area.

Following graduation Kristen became a board certified registered physician in the state of Minnesota, and returned to her home town to complete a residency program under Dr. Kristi Hughes.  Additional post-doctorate training includes therapeutic lifestyle training and certification through the First Line Therapy program as both a lifestyle educator and a healthcare provider.  She has completed the core functional medicine training, as well as clinical mentoring in this area of medicine. She has also completed training and certification as a Frequency Specific Microcurrent practitioner.

Dr. Haabala’s practice is focused on educating patients on the power of living a healthy lifestyle, offering natural health care solutions to today’s complicated medical conditions.  She believes that all aspects of a person’s life are important when striving to reach optimal health.  This means she takes into account not only physical, but also mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic, environmental, and social factors.  Only when all areas are addressed can a person truly reach the highest level of wellness.   She strives to create a personalized treatment program for each patient with a supportive environment to improve all areas health.

Dr. Haabala’s areas of specialty include:

•    Natural Medicine               •    Nutrition Therapy
•    Botanical Medicine            •    Naturopathic Counseling
•    Functional Medicine          •    Lifestyle Medicine


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